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Are expenses piling up and you are short on cash? No problem, Serve U Cash can help you get a pay day loan to solve all your money problems!

Serve U Cash is a growing leader in providing UK customers with payday loans, sometimes referred to as cash loans or cash advance loans. We have designed the easiest way with the least amount of hassle on the internet to receive a payday loan of up to £750. All that is required to receive your payday loan online is the completion of a brief application. Once the application is submitted, if approved, you will receive your fast payday loan within hours! There are no documents to fax into us so why wait? Apply now for your no fax payday loan!

Getting a pay day loan and cash advance loan has never been easier or faster! Fast payday loans are just a click away

The cash you receive from Serve U Cash’s no fax payday loan service will help you in your time of need. Serve U Cash's UK payday loans are meant to provide cash loans to individuals in the UK who are stuck between paychecks and are short on money.

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Why is Serve U Cash a better way to get a cash loan?

  • Receive up to £750.00 in your bank account within hours.
  • No documents to fax
  • Direct deposit not required
  • Immediate approval
  • No credit check
  • Lowest Fees


  • With Serve U Cash, you can borrow up to 60% of your net pay! That is more than any other online payday loan lender.
  • We guarantee that you will not encounter any hidden fees with Serve U Cash.
  • Serve U Cash charges the lowest fees, guaranteed.
  • All transactions are confidential and secure, guaranteed.

Borrowing Options

  • You may choose to receive your payday loan online through completing the online application; or,
  • Or, You may choose to call us at [not available] and apply by phone by speaking to a customer care specialist.

Payday Loan Requirements

  • Are you at least 18 years of age?
  • Are you a citizen of the United Kingdom, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland?
  • Do you have a checking or savings account?
  • Are you employed or receive regular income?
  • Do you receive your paycheck by direct deposit?
  • Do you receive at least £300 each payday after all deductions?
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